Getting there…

My journey begins by building a traveling studio!  Meet Lucy!  She is a 2005 Ford E-350 Shuttle Bus.  I’ve been looking for  a new job so long that I went a little nuts.  I’m still looking for work but I may as well enjoy the time off and get some travel and watercolor painting done.  I moved a large wooden drafting table up from the basement and into the bus.  It took the place of the rear seats, where there is a rear window to gaze out and draw or paint landscapes.  Because she’s a shuttle bus (think Park-N-Go at the airport) she also has seats against the side windows, facing each other.  The width of the aisle just happens to fit an old crib mattress and will complete the near-full size bed. Lucy has a heater, A/C, and a TV with a DVD player all connected to an alternate battery that recharges while the engine is running.

Seat removal was a piece of cake. Really.


Four bolts hold the seat base and come through the floor to the outside of the bus.  When I saw those massive, rusted bolts coming through, my heart sank.  A trusted mechanic at Twins Auto, however, did not see a problem.  This is why a “sawzall” was made.  Sparks flew and the seats were out in 20 minutes!

Here’s what the rear of the bus looks like after replacing the seats with the large wooden drafting table.  The heater with a large fan keeps me warm in the winter while I look out over the snowy landscape here in Nebraska, thinking about Spring, Summer, and wildflowers.  The curtains open on three sides to create a picture window that surrounds my new mobile studio.


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