Mahoney State Park at Night


Not far from Omaha is Mahoney State Park, a destination for many along I-80 through Nebraska.  With rumors of a total lunar eclipse (a blood red moon), I headed out for an overnight with Lucy.  The lunar eclipse was to occur on the second full moon of the month (a blue moon) and when the moon was close to the earth (a super moon). Certainly worth trying some night photography.  I was also able to test the new propane heater and made a few other camping discoveries.  As a teenager growing up in Tucson, I would use my Pentax Spotmatic F to take pictures of the lightning and the stars at night.  Now I have a Cannon EOS digital SLR camera and I purchased a remote switch to open/close the shutter without touching the camera on the tripod.  Here’s what I found:

Ice House
Night Shadows
Woods Dwellers

The lunar eclipse was to occur near sunrise (did you know that full moons always set at sunrise?).  I waited and watched as the clouds covered the moon and the sun rose on the other side of the horizon.  No eclipse tonight.


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