My first trip

I’ve driven my mobile studio Shuttle Bus around town but it needs a real trip, two actually.  My first trip will be to Niobrara State Park for an overnight camping test.  The first trip will test the highway worthiness of Lucy and the electrical system capabilities.  Lucy has two 12-volt batteries connected in series (both charge when the engine is running).  She also has an AC/DC converter to connect appliances (when the engine is on or off) like a fan or television, and if all works out, a coffee maker.  I’m not a whiz at electrical so if you’re chuckling then, yes, I will find out you were right.  In case you are right, I have just today purchased the Rescue 3000 battery pack (like AAA uses to start your car when the battery is dead).  So, I have a system and a back-up plan.  The second trip will be to Texas for bluebonnets.

Easter is April 1st this year and the Texas bluebonnets bloom in March and April. My brother lives in Houston but it is a two day drive from Omaha.  I will park over night and then stop in Brenham, Texas along the way.  Brenham is in Washington County which is known for bluebonnets and other wildflowers.  The Texas trip will test my ability to travel a long distance and put it all together: travel, photography, painting pleinair, and studio painting at the drafting table in the Shuttle Bus.

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