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Gavins Point Dam in Winter

Once I discovered the "engineering and art" theme of the Niobrara Railroad Bridge, I thought about other nearby subjects.  I was researching the 2011 Missouri River Flood and came across a photo of the Gavins Point spillway at nearly full volume.

The spillway is not always open.  When the Corps of Engineers decides to regulate the flow of the downstream Missouri River - or when the snowmelt from Montana and North Dakota is too much for Lewis & Clark Lake to hold - they open the gates.

My idea is to develop an accurate drawing of the dam openings in perspective, and then add the hydraulic jump used to dissipate the energy of the "falling" water.  Mist will rise from the thunderous turbulence downstream of the spillway.

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Niobrara State Park in October

One of my favorite spots in Nebraska is Niobrara State Park.  I'll camp overnight and then rise early to photograph the sunrise.  My first time I discovered the Railroad Bridge.  My second time I went back to draw and paint the bridge.  I discovered an "engineering" way to transfer what I was seeing through a scaled viewfinder to the watercolor board.  By setting the proportion of the viewfinder to the same as the canvas, I'm able to mathematically mark key points on the board and connect the dots.

The scene is amazing.  The west bank of the Niobrara River is LIT UP by the sunrise and commands the view.  The railroad bridge is a massive overhead structure and the sunlight streams through the steel girders.

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Cunningham Lake in Winter

This is my first portfolio under the plan of traveling to make art.  I'll begin with something close to home and easy to access with Lucy, my shuttle bus converted to a traveling art studio.

Each portfolio will be of one location and will document the process to build outside art.  I will capture photos, sketches, plein air, and back-of-the-bus studio final paintings.