Standing Bear Lake

The cool thing about a cold winter is ice on a lake.  You can stand on the water and see the shoreline in a whole different way.  Sometimes you see beautiful turquoise colors in the ice and of course the magic hour lights up the grasses with a nice contrasting orange.  My trip to Standing Bear Lake was during a thin overcast in mid February so the colors aren’t what they could be but the views are still outstanding.


When I shot these photos a week ago I had just accepted a position at Ehrhart Griffin & Associates, a civil engineering company in Omaha.  Now, I have completed one week of work there as Senior Civil Project Manager.  I am thrilled!  The company is great, the people are nice, the work is challenging, the office is close, and we have health insurance!  Everything about it is good and I am happy again.  It was a painful four months without employment but that is over and in the past.  I am grateful for all the people who supported Nancy and I with their thoughts and prayers, we are truly loved.

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